Mysterious Semi-desert of Georgia


Within the tour you’ll see:

  • Shiraqi valley - the main production area for wheat and sunflower.  Historically this region has been called "the crop store" of Georgia.
  • Mijnis Kure: One of the most beautiful places in Vashlovani. It is perfect for sport fishing, hiking, and bird-watching. Mijnis Kure is located in the most eastern part of Georgia, where the Alazani River cuts through dry rocks (called “alesilebi” in Geor­gian), making the scenery even more interesting. If fishermen are lucky, they can catch the famous Ala­zani catfish (Silurus gianis).
  • Samukhi & Bughamoedani Plains with the magnificent view of Vashlovani cliffs and a great area for bird-watching. Raptors and the goitered gazelle can be sighted there.
  • Pantishara-Vashlovani massive, whose height is up to 300-600 meters above sea level.
  • Bear Canyon with fossilized bones of the Southern elephant, which certainly displays the gigantic size of the mammal roaming the area millions of years ago.
  • Vashlovani National Park includes five clearly distinguished vegetation types: arid, semi-arid, arid thin forest, grassland, and greenwood. This territory is characterized with the fauna abundance;

  • Country: Georgia
  • Region: Kakheti
  • Category: Horse
  • Sub Category: C
  • Travelers: 0
  • Length: 119 Km
  • Days: 4
  • Hours: 21
  • PDF: PDF File

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