Didgori Valley - Betania Monastery


Our horse ranch is situated in the mountain landscape of unmatched beauty at Trialeti Ridge, in the village of Ghvevi. We have horses, which are good-tempered and well-trained mixed breeds adaptable and well-suited for the terrain, living freely as a herd in the natural enviornment. They are equipped with a wide range of saddles and saddlebags, while riders are provided with safety helmets and half-chaps.  There are forested mountains around, majestically beautiful views, lush vegetation laden with berries and mushrooms, rare species of plants, wild birds and animals. It is an ideal place to get out of daily routine and find peaceful shelter from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

Just one-hour trip from Tbilisi won’t waste your time if you a lover of great views. This route from Tbilisi towards Manglisi direction will take you through gorgeous mountain scenery, which opens up panoramic views and serpentine pathways. Moreover, the last 20 minutes of drive is something that amounts to a thrilling Jeep-Trophy experience.

Tours envisage strolls along wooded paths climbing up to picturesque hills or leading down to a zigzag pattern of rivers and springs in gorges as well as some long canters along vast meadows and pastures.

Use this delightful chance and indulge your passion for riding… Start your journey on horseback!

  • Country: Georgia
  • Region: Kartli
  • Category: Horse
  • Sub Category: B
  • Travelers: 0
  • Length: 36 Km
  • Days: 2
  • Hours: 8
  • PDF:

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